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Bridge for start-ups.

The start-up phase is heavy on “big decisions’. Tech stack. Consumer targeting. Brand. Take a closer look at how our
laser-focused expertise can help.

How we help start-ups

Product Messaging Strategy.

Define your ideal customer profile (ICP), match their jobs needs with clear messaging, whilst aligning your team around a clear value proposition.

Go-To-Market Strategy.

Define a GTM strategy for product launch including: target users, product-market fit, competing alternatives, demand and distribution.

User Research.

From user interviews to real-time user behaviour data, we can help build a clear picture of how users engage with your business and whether your offering meets their needs.

Market Research.

Employing business intelligence and data analytics tools to enable the monitoring of KPIs, trends and business goals.

Featured client stories.

Showcasing success in go to market work.


Founded in 2021, as a spin-out from The University of Edinburgh, Omecu is a federated genomics data analysis platform.

Bridge helped Omecu to nail their value proposition, define their go-to-market strategy and create a product messaging strategy to help them position themselves in a competitive and rapidly growing market. In addition, our UX team supported Omecu with product design changes to further develop the MVP.


This client story also included

Go-to-Market Strategy

Formulation of a go-to-market strategy including competitor and market analysis, audience identification, product positioning & messaging.

Product Messaging Strategy

Value proposition design and a messaging matrix to test during the go-to-market phase. 

User Experience Design

Planning and prototyping product features. User interface design enhancement for key user journeys. 

Our clients.

We’ve worked alongside many clients from a mixture of backgrounds.
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