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What Are Growth Marketing Trends In 2022

Peter Graham and Ibzz Cakir
10 Jul 2022
6 mins

2022 had seen another major shift in growth marketing, and a number of key trends are both maturing and emerging.

As marketers, we can often feel pressured to jump on on the bandwagon of the latest tech or social media trend. The most important factor however, is to ensure anything new aligns with your strategic goals. Not all trends are here to stay, and adapting to the wrong ones can often hurt – instead of accelerate – your growth marketing efforts.

So, now that we are halfway through 2022,  here are the most fundamental technological and growth marketing trends we’ve seen so far:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the Rise for Written Content

To remain competitive, marketers have to produce high-quality content consistently. Most marketers outsource content creation, but getting the best quality content can be pretty expensive.

A trend that is picking pace in 2022 is using AI to generate written content, with 12% of marketing teams using it. It is much cheaper and takes less time to generate content than human writers.

There are tonnes of AI writing tools, and more are released monthly. The most popular options include Jasper, Ink Editor, and Wordtune. These tools can create most types of content with any tone of voice. Apart from using them to generate content, you can use them to edit and format it.

However, AI writing tools have limitations, so the content needs human touch before being published. But in a few years, they might replace human writers.

Get Ready for a Cookie-Free Future

Google is currently in the process of ending the use of third-party cookies on Chrome, and Microsoft and Apple have removed access to identifiers on their platforms. Additionally, consumers are becoming more aware of the use and safety of their data.

That means in a few months or years, businesses will no longer be able to track and serve targeted ads to consumers, changing marketing forever. Not that it was so effective anyway. But what does that mean for marketers? How do they get ready for a cookie-free future?

Marketers will have to rely on first-party data that customers have shared with them willingly to target them. Since they can’t access data on new traffic to their websites, they will have to rely on machine learning to predict their behaviour based on patterns, then personalise their experience.

In short, marketers are tasked with personalising customers’ experiences without tracking them or accessing their data.

TikTok – Video Content is Now Short but Permanent

Most marketers expected the short-form video content made popular by TikTok to be a fad, but now, most of them agree that it’s not and are jumping on the bandwagon.

According to the HubSpot Social Media Trends report, short-form video content is “here to stay”, which is evident in how TikTok is thriving with over 3 billion downloads. Part of the reason for this popularity of short videos is the diminishing attention spans of consumers; if something doesn’t grab their attention in a few seconds, they move on to something else.

So effective is short-video content that almost all other social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are adapting to stay relevant. If you aren’t using short video content, your competitors have a huge advantage over you.

SEO is Still Relevant in 2022, But Start Preparing for Voice

Voice search has been a thing for a while now, but in recent times, more people are using voice to search for things online. It is easy, convenient, hands-off, and is more accurate than ever, thanks to voice assistants such as Google, Siri, and Alexa.

In 2019, the number of digital voice assistants used was 3.25 billion. In 2022, it has risen to 6.41 billion. This has led to marketers adapting their content and optimising it for voice search.

One of the ways they’ve adapted is creating content based on questions because consumers typically voice-search in the form of questions. For example, when searching manually, you are likely to type “pudding cake recipe,” but when searching with your voice, you’d say something like, “Hey Google, how do I make a pudding cake?”

Marketers also use conversational language and optimise their content for long-tail keyword phrases, which are common with voice searches. They’ve also improved the loading time of their websites as voice searches typically need instant results.

Brands and Products Embracing Purpose and the Conscious Consumer

When customers choose brands to do business with, they no longer primarily focus on the products and services; their main focus is on the kind of impact the brand is making in the world. They want to connect with human brands that stand for something, and they have the means to research and learn everything about a company in a few minutes.

Although this trend has been around for years, the many global events of 2020 and 2021 increased the interest in doing business with brands that make the world a better place. Many people believe making the world a better place should be a company’s primary purpose.

Additionally, Deloitte’s Global Marketing Trends report 2022 found that 57% of consumers are more loyal to brands that address social issues such as inequality and protection of the environment.

From 2022 and beyond, brands will have to embrace purpose and responsibility to succeed. Brands driven with purpose grow three times faster than their competitors and have more satisfied customers and employees.


Influencer Marketing Trends and the Creator Economy

Influencer marketing was a $13 billion industry in 2021, so it was already big before 2022. But it’s only going to grow, estimated to reach $84.89 billion by 2028. That is why more than two-thirds of marketers planned to increase their spending on influencer marketing.

Each new year brings new social media platforms, new types of content and better ways of engaging with potential customers. This gives marketers new ways and opportunities to use influencer marketing to gain growth.

In 2022, you can expect trends like brands looking to form ongoing relationships with influencers instead of a one-off, and new social media platforms and types of influencer content will come up.


Keeping up with the latest growth marketing trends allows you to remain relevant. You will be able to consistently create compelling content and adapt your marketing methods to match changing customer preferences and expectations. This gives you a significant edge over your competitors.

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